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Three Must-Read Books on Olive Oil for 2017

The 7 Wonders of Olive Oil
by Cecile Le Galliard and Alice Alech

Olive oil expert, taster and web journalist Cecile Le Galliard and the food, wine and culture writer (and Olive Oil Times reporter) Alice Alech have been collaborating for years pooling their knowledge for publications written in French, English and Spanish. Their new book, The 7 Wonders of Olive Oil: Stronger Bones, Cancer Prevention, Higher Brain Function, and Other Medical Miracles of the Green Nectar, released January 10 in the U.S., is the latest chronicle on olive oil to hit bookstore shelves.

As a result of Alech’s interest in promoting healthy living and Le Galliard’s practical experience, The 7 Wonders of Olive Oil was the natural outcome.

“After years of experience, it seemed like a good idea to explore and put together the findings of researchers, nutritionists and chefs around the world,” said Le Gaillard. “We reached out to these experts and with their help, we spent the last year writing 7 Wonders.”

“We had a hard time deciding which of the numerous benefits of extra virgin olive oil to feature in the book,” Alech revealed. “More than anything, we wanted 7 Wonders to be inspiring and to show how extra virgin olive oil can make a significant difference to health.”

The book explores the seven key health benefits of olive oil and how it naturally slows Alzheimer’s disease, reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks, strengthens bones, works as an anti-inflammatory, reduces the risk of diabetes, kills cancer cells, and protects, rejuvenates, and beautifies your skin.

The authors also added practical advice when it comes to quality and authenticity, and information on how to purchase, taste, store and cook with EVOO. They included simple DIY beauty tips and favorite selected recipes. They discussed the importance of buying high-quality extra virgin olive oil, which in turn will give readers the best quality of life.

The Olive Oil Diet
by Simon Poole and Judy Ridgway

Simon Poole is a physician and leading specialist in the Mediterranean diet; Judy Ridgway is an olive oil expert and foodie. “Simon and I first met a few years ago, and immediately discovered that we had a strong mutual interest in olive oil,” Ridgway told Olive Oil Times.

“His detailed knowledge of chemistry and nutritional benefits dovetailed with my own knowledge of olive oil as a wonderful culinary product. When we felt that the time had come to combine our knowledge, we decided to pour it in a book to explain the latest research in everyday language.

“But we wanted to go even further and present the results as a wonderful way of eating that can help prevent the development of chronic disease,” said Ridgway. The partnership resulted in The Olive Oil Diet – Nutritional secret of the original Superfood.

“With the understanding that fat is an integral part of a healthy diet, and with olive oil being the common element which binds the various regional versions of the gold standard Mediterranean diet, The Olive Oil Diet takes a look at the science of this ever-present fat in the context of that whole diet,” Poole remarked.

“Focusing on the evidence unique to olive oil, but also in the context of food combinations and cooking, the book also describes ways in which the reader can embrace the use of olive oil in all their lives, to achieve the healthiest diet and lifestyle.”

Winner of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2017 in the category of “Diet Book for the Public,” the book explains why olive oil is the original superfood and how a diet based around olive oil will significantly improve health, well-being and vitality, helping you maintain an ideal weight and avoiding heart disease, stroke and diseases such as cancer, diabetes and dementia.

The Olive Oil Diet goes on to look at the factors that contribute to the production of high-quality EVOOs, and how to find these oils in the marketplace. The main section of the book set out the seven pillars of the olive oil diet, namely groups of natural wholesome foods from the Mediterranean and beyond, all with a base of olive oil.

With over 150 recipes and suggestions, arranged around a modern lifestyle with plenty of ideas for fast food at home, healthy snacks and packed lunches, the book give hints for combining olive oil with other foods to increase nutritional benefits, and suggestions for using olive oil in many ways.

It dispels any concern about how to include two or three tablespoons of olive oil in the daily diet, “as the olive oil diet is not a diet to take up when you want to lose weight or feel under the weather and drop again when you feel better. It is a diet for life; it is the only diet you will ever need,” said the authors.

Lekker Vet – Alles Over Olijfolie
by Gregor Christiaans

“My passion for extra virgin olive oil started in Greece many years ago,” said Gregor Christiaans. “My wife’s parents were building a house in Sitia, a port town in Crete and the guy who took care of the plumbing was also the president of the cooperative of producers of Zakros. When I first taste that olive oil I fell in love with it.”

That was how the relationship of Christiaans with EVOO started, and since then he created a company that delivers Mediterranean foods to over one hundred restaurants in Holland. He studied, attended courses, became an expert and tasted olive oils every day.

“But teaching myself was not enough,” said Christiaans. “I wanted to educate consumers to know the difference between bad and good olive oils.” So, he wrote Lekker vet – alles over olijfolie, which literally means “Awesome fat – everything about olive oil,” and it is also a pun on the word “vet,” that in Dutch also expresses the concept of “cool,” or “awesome.”

This is the first book written in Dutch (the English version is also being prepared) with the ambition to cover the world of olive oil from the field to the table, from production to the importance in health terms, from the voice of leading experts (a Turkish food scientist, a Greek nutritionist, an Italian producer, an American institute, the IOC) to the thoughts of great chefs.

Beautiful pictures and stylish illustrations contributed to creating a clear and delightful overview of the olive oil in the world. “My dream-team included one of the best graphic designers I ever met and a great photographer, specialized in food,” Christiaans revealed.

Interesting to note that Lekker vet was crowdfunded, “because I wanted to make the best book ever, with a hard cover, glamorous images, interesting stories, attractive graphics,” Christiaans told Olive Oil Times. “The crowdfunding succeeded and I can tell that the book is superb.”