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Ukraine continues to boost Sunflower Oil exports
Ukraine continues to boost export volumes, which was especially visible for Sunflower Oil and Meal, as well as Soybeans and products of processing thereof.

Rapeseed exports for MY2015/16 were limited by lower volumes of production. This trend is expected to continue for MY2016/17.

SSSU provided official numbers for oil production for MY2015/16 including: Sunflower Oil – 4.5 million metric ton ; Soybean Oil – 173 thousand metric ton ; and rapeseed oil – 158 thousand metric ton. These figures were used to approximate production numbers for MY2015/16.

USDA's FAS Kyiv slightly increased the extraction rate for sunflower oil because the Ukrainian oilseed industry has built a significant number of new oil extraction facilities. The current excess of crush capacity is pushing outdated and/or in efficient facilities out of business.