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Chinese Delegation Visit OliveTech in Izmir,Turky
On April 15-19, IOE Committee organize a Chinese Delegation to participate in the OliveTech in Izmir, Turkey. Majay of Izmir, Mr AZIZ KOCAOGLU, and Izmir team show great hospitality to the Chinese purchasing delegation. During the Seminar, Chairman of Chinese Cereals and Oil Association had a shot speech about the olive oil industry in China. In 2014, the whole consumption of edible oil in China is more than million tons, while the consumption of live oil is around 40 thousand tons, but with the promotion works that International Olive Oil Council in China, Olive Oil consumption will definitely increase in the near future. Most of the olive oil consumed in China is imported from the Mediterranean  Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey etc.

In China, 60% of the olive oil is imported from Spain, with the developing of Chinese consumers' understanding of olive oil, they would like to know more about the oils from different country with variety. The visit of Chinese Delegation to Izmir will expand the knowledge of Turkish olive oils as well, which will stimulate the importation of olive oils as well.