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Registration and Rules
International Olive Oil Competition 2016 China· Guangzhou
Registration and Rules

 1. RequirementsOnly “Extra Virgin Olive Oils” in original bottles are certified for participation. The submitted olive oils must correspond to the Chinese legislation or the related standards of IOOC as well as the regulations valid in the production countries.  producers, exporters, importers, wholesalers, and agents of olive oil. Only Companies producing or selling the minimum quantity of no. 4,000 bottles with capacity of 0.75 liter or equivalent production will be admitted.

2. Categories The prizes will be divided into two parts, extra virgin olive oil and organic extra virgin olive oil.

and divided into 3 quality categories:
l Intense  
l Medium  
l Light

3. Registration
: Each participant must send the following by courier and/or post by May 30 2016 to:

Guangzhou Yi Fan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 201, YinyanBuilding, No.25, Yan ling Road,Guangzhou,Guangdong,China,

Tel:+86 20 61089059 ;

1) The application form duly completed, and please note that the form must be filled out in block capitals and preferably typed on a typewriter, computer or other similar means, since any hand-written applications which cannot be clearly understood will be excluded from the Competition. The certificate of participating oil should clearly indicate also the name of the producer company;

2) The certificate of analysis of oil samples indicates at least the following: free oleic acidity; number of peroxides; spectrophotometer at K 232 nm, at K 270 nm. with alumina and delta-K; acidic composition referred especial to oleic,

linoleic, stearic and palmitic acids;

3) If you samples are organic extra virgin olive oil, the organic certificate will be also attached. 

4) A single sample of olive oil in 4 bottles of 0.75 lit capacities or the equivalent quantity of oil in bottles of different volume. The sample olive oil are need for the sensory evaluation on the occasion of“2015 IOE Olive Oil Competition” The sample olive oil that are not delivered in original packaging, are not considered for evaluation as well;

5) Any receipt of the sum paid with samples and documents must be delivered in a single sealed package.

If you use express transportation companies like DHL, TNT, UPS, and so on, please confirm about the detailed regulation (duty fee or duty free) of Chinese customs from your local express companies in case that your products could be blocked by the Chinese customs. The Pre-form Invoice must be indicated “No Commercial Value” and the declare value is not more than USD50.

3. Participating fees

Participation Register Fees:  

USD 500 (include VAT) – Non Exhibitors;  

USD350 (include VAT) – Exhibitors

Handling fee:                

USD 150 (include VAT)– Non Exhibitors; 

USD 100 (include VAT)– Exhibitors

Payment Information:

Beneficiary: Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd.

Receiver Address: Room 201-219,YinyanBuilding,No. 25-27 Yanling Road,Guangzhou

Receiver Bank: Bank ofChina,GuangZhouYanLingBuildingSub-branch

Bank Address: No., 29,Yan Ling Road, E.Guangzhou

Account NO: 6535 6068 2725


Remarks:The fees contains following achievement:

Sensory evaluation by the tasters;

Ranking of the oils by consumer in a preference-test at the occasion of IOE 2015;

Publication of the results in the daily papers, the related magazines and the Internet.